True Mother

True Mother

Friday, May 19, 2017

God Is Our Origin of Peace

(True Mother’s speech)

Respected peace-loving American dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen, I extend my warm greetings and gratitude to all of you for coming here this evening. You are now joining more than seventy million people worldwide, including seven million in Korea, and seven hundred million Blessed couples in the heavenly spirit world who have participated in these gatherings for peace.
We are living in a truly historic and providential moment. This is a time of great heavenly fortune, the time when we will build the ideal world of peace that heaven and earth have longed to see for six thousand years. It is time to build the kingdom of God in heaven and on earth.
Throughout providential history, God raised up various religions to accord with different historical periods and regional cultures. Working among these diverse traditions, men and women of faith have made continuous efforts to achieve a world of peace.
Yet even today, human beings groan in travail, because we are still unable to free ourselves from all manner of unethical and immoral behavior. People everywhere are dismayed by the truth that a seemingly unstoppable tide of immorality is now rushing in with the power of a surging storm, threatening to sweep us all away in its turbulent waves. This is the tragic portrait of modern human beings.
Yet this does not mean there is never to be any hope. My husband, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and I have dedicated our lives to conveying the Word of God. Our prophetic messages have been proven to be a true witness that transcends the earthly limitations of this age and our environment.

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